Blueshift Engine Alpha v0.5.0 Released !

  • Added support for GPU instancing for static/skinned meshes
  • Added support for static batching
  • Added support for calculation tangent vectors using MikkTSpace
  • Added support for calculation normals with area and anglular weights
  • Added support for vehicle physics
  • Added support for slider/wheel joint components
  • Added support for copy & paste component values in editor
  • Changed engine unit from centi-meters to meters
  • Changed FBX importing process to support hierarchical mesh in editor
  • Fixed an issue where rolling friction was not working correctly
  • Fixed an issue where inspector updating in play mode would slow down the game


Alpha version 0.5.0 의 원래 계획은 8월 말까지 였는데 중간에 허리디스크로 작업 일정이 몇 달이나 밀려 버렸다. 모바일 게임 개발과 병행하면서 작업하느라 순수한 엔진 개발 시간은 상대적으로 많이 줄었다.
결과적으로 그래픽 쪽은 PBR 이후에 거의 손도 못대는 중..

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