Blueshift Engine v0.6.0 Released

  • Refined PBR shaders
  • Added support for environment probes for indirect lighting
  • Added support for various HDR tonemapping operators
  • Added support for integration Google Analytics into the player
  • Added support for integration three ad formats of Google AdMob into the player
  • Added support for Unicode (UTF-8) almost everywhere
  • Updated Bullet physics library to 2.88
  • Fixed an issue where sRGB rendering on Android was incorrect
  • Improved speed of project loading in editor


  1. 엔진, 에디터 인상 깊게 잘 봤습니다.
    취미 혹은 스터디용으로 개발하시는 엔진인가요?
    아니면 풀타임으로 근무하시면서 상용게임 개발에 사용 중/예정인 게임인가요?

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